Monday, February 22, 2010

Suze Weinberg Workshop

Here are some pictures of a workshop I went to at Craftrange in Burnley recently, given by the world famous Suze Weinberg. It was all about melt art, naturally. Suze was very friendly and down to earth, seemed to be enjoying her trip to the UK. We started off by making wax collages, which unfortunately I don't have a decent photo of - I was not too happy with mine. I shall try and post one another time when I do a better one (if!!) Then we went on to work with UTEE which was great, and we made a lot of small items which are very pretty. Again, I shall post some photos another time. There are some good pics on Suze's blog :
except there is a dreadful one of me.

This is my mate Carol with Suze - Debbie, who owns the shop with her husband Michael is looking on:

Here is Suze mid-demo:

And for those of you with perpetually messy desks like me, here is Suze's - just as bad!!


craftimamma said...

Ooooh Chris, you lucky thing. That's definitely one workshop I would love to have done.

Lesley Xx

Sarah Anderson said...

maybe messy just goes with the territory lol

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