Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More workshop samples

Here are a couple more samples of cards made for my up-coming workshop. Again, using mostly Elusive Images stamps for all of them, and my fave kit, the cuttlebug, for the green number. Also an attempt to rehabilitate the skeleton leaf, which I'm sure anyone who has been crafting for more than a year or two has in their stash. I still love them! Any size, any colour, bring them back I say! Must go, have some minutes of a local group meeting to type up and email out. More blogging soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First Workshop!

This is a card I have made for a workshop at Paddy's Stamping Place in a couple of weeks. Interesting to do as I had to restrict myself to stuff that Paddy sells, and not just dip into my stash in the usual way! As it happens the stamps are all Elusive Images, and from the botanicals set. Apart from the words which are from Damask Squares I think. I'm not good at keeping words with their "sets" I just chuck them all in a box together and root through when I need words, which to be honest isn't that often. I originally made a card like this with a Lavinia Stamp, the idea being to try and make it look 3 dimensional without resorting to decoupage. No particular objections to decoupage but its not a big thing with me. The darkest flowers are also highlighted with red Sakura Glaze pen, which isn't very obvious on the photo but looks quite good in life. I LOVE Sakura pens. The rest of the colour is Distress ink pads tapped onto an acrylic block and picked up with a water pen to use as water colour. I have made about four other samples so far and need a couple more I think to give people a choice. It will be my first workshop. Ooer. If any of my potential workshoppees are reading this, please be gentle with me! I've done a lot of training before and partly trained as a teacher, but that was vocational training, not fun! Looking forward to it though. Will post some more pics when I get the chance.

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