Monday, February 08, 2010

Another Altered Box!

Though not really altered as it's still a box. Never been too sure - to qualify as "altered art" does it have to change its function or only its appearance?

Anyway, this started off when my mate Carol and I got together at my house, me being post-operative and slightly delicate, for a play day. We decided to have a go at a box - I have done lots before but Carol hadn't ever done one. So we set to on the kitchen table with empty boxes which we checked over for rough bits. We selected some pretty paper, each picking a set to stick to so that they would blend well. We measured and cut the pieces we would need, saving the left-over bits. We stuck them on, wrapping a little on the front edges (with hindsight, I forgot that it's best also to wrap the sides slightly as well, so we didn't do that!)
Once dry we gave them a light coat of gesso, cheap variety! Not going for full coverage, I wanted the patterned paper to show through. While the gesso dried we stamped some images onto the scraps of patterned paper we had saved. When it was dry we stuck these on to our boxes. I also stamped direct onto the box here and there to "fill" and I outlined the stuck on bits with charcoal pencils and a blending stump to make them pop out a bit. You could also use Promarkers or similar and blend them in. I cut some small strips to cover my edges (should have done it earlier!) then I went over it all with rub-on wax, especially round all the edges to "distress" it. If it is likely to get handled a lot, sealing with a varnish (I prefer matte) would be a good idea. The handle can be anything you can get hold of easily - mine is a large glass bead which happened to match the colours - I fed some cord through and tied it to a smaller plain bead inside to keep it secure.
You can also paint the insides or line them with pretty paper or fabric, depending what you want to use it for.


Sarah Anderson said...

Fab box Chris!! Where's Carol's?
Reckon it is an altered box, an altered book is still a book so xxx

veronica said...

lovely box Chris - the birds theme is great, and I love the big bead! really must try this with the cat food boxes, though i think i do have a laundry tablet box somewhere.........

judith@poppy cottage said...

Chris, thank you for coming to look at our blog and leaving such lovely comments. We're really enjoying it. I love your box, it's really pretty, have been reading all of the instructions with great interest! Judith x

Neet said...

This is gorgeous Chris - quite envious at what you and Carol created. Hope you are feeleing better.

Jayne C said...

The box is absolutely beautiful......and DEFINITELY altered!!!!
Jayne x

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