Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unusual backgrounds

Recently I took a working trip to Northumbria, and I visited various places of interest (my job has its perks!) including Lindisfarne, Alnwick, Bamburgh and Durham. On Lindisfarne, I spent an hour or two looking round the ruins of the Priory, which is lovely - even on a dull day, it just looked beautiful. I am not religious, but the sense of peace and tranquility is amazing. It was not even spoilt by the rudeness of one of the people who worked in the shop there - I've always kind of imagined that working in a place like that would have a mellowing effect on people, but this man was just downright lacking in manners! Anyway, in spite of him, I had a great time, and his colleague, who was working in the entrance 'hut' to the actual Priory made up for him in helpfulness, knowledgability and charm.
I noticed the effect of the years, or should I say centuries, on the brick and stone it was built from, and as well as taking photos of the buildings I took some close-ups of the walls, just because they were so striking. Later, I thought that they would make great background paper for scrapbooks or cards, or any artwork really! Especially as they can be manipulated digitally and printed out whatever size my printer will allow. Wish I could remember to remove the date stamp on the camera settings when I take this kind of pic though. Never mind, that's what the "crop" button is for I guess. I've already used the top one on a card for a friend on a very special occasion, but it's not till tomorrow and she reads my blog, so I can't post it yet!

Here are some of the photos, hope you like them:

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Neet said...

Lovely photographs Chris - and I know what you mean about somewhere being tranquil and calming. I used to go to a place on Anglesey which did just that to me. I must look it up and tell you about it but then you might know of it - Din Ligwy.

Congratulations on your award to - you deserve it as you have a lovely blog.

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