Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Isn't this great? I was thrilled to little mint balls to be awarded this Blog award by my lovely friend Sarah Anderson, (http://sarahanderson1.blogspot.com) who I have met through crafting. She is a wonderful craft teacher, I have been to her workshops, we have been to the same ones with other tutors, and she has even been to mine, so there is a lot of sharing going on! She is single-handedly responsible for an awful lot of art journalling that is going on from Crewe north to Rossendale and Bolton! I want to pass this award on, but she and I share a few crafty friends, and she has passed it on to those who blog already, so I will just add one, (http://hickydorums.blogspot.com) and say to other crafting friends, who have not yet started blogging - you know who you are (Carol and others) - go on, go for it! You might even get a blogging award! And one day soon, I am going to remind myself how to type a person's name so that if you click it you go to their blog, instead of me having to paste the blog address in! I am not the most IT literate of people any more.


kjjc said...

you have done better than I can do. Great blog. nice to see you today.Karen

Neet said...

Thank you so much for this award Chris - I have just figured out how to get it to my blog.

Thanks again - a lovely thought - chuffed to little mintballs.

I changed my font at thecutestblogontheblock.com