Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Journalling

This is another page from my Art journal, which I completed over the last few days. Like others I have become a bit addicted to this, not all pages are OK to share, but I kind of liked this pair, even though the colours are a bit fierce. Somehow they look even fiercer on here than they do in life, which may be something to do with me being an incompetent photographer. The left hand page is just coloured with spray inks, mainly Glimmer Mists but ther are some Sticky Fingers inks in there too. I sprayed a couple of colours then dried them with a heat gun before spraying any more, to try and avoid either muddiness, or the page becoming soggy! Then when completely dry I added a few splodges of yellow emulsion paint to provide a contrast in texture. The frilly ribbon was aquired in a strange shop somewhere I know not where - I think it was an ironmongers, somewhere in Yorkshire. It's actually elastic with coloured organza and the colours were just right for my page! The facing page has a stamp from Tim Holtz about creativity, and the images tell the story that he tells in the words - the stuck on embroidered flowers represent the safety of the comfort zone, and the wierd flowers stamped and stencilled around the edge are supposed to be the wilderness where you find yourself. I am represented in there somewhere!

Hope you like them.


Gio said...

I love this page! The background and colours you've used are stunning!

Art journals are like drugs..I agree with you!

Cath Wilson said...

This is absolutely stunning! I'm glad I found your Blog :) (via Neet)

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