Friday, August 15, 2008


I was at a workshop yesterday and made a palooza which was loads of fun. We used Crackle paints which are great, but are best left to air-dry. We had to apply the heat gun, which was a bit dodgy, caused the paint to lift a bit, but it could be squashed back with your finger and none the worse. All the objects are "found" items, and mine came from many sources - bits of old jewellery, part of a belt buckle from when I was slim enough to wear a belt, some pen nibs of my father's and a broken watch, shells, buttons, anything interesting.
(thanks to Neet for the photo)


Anonymous said...

hi Chris

That looks amazing, looks like a lot of fun to put together.


Nicky Nacky Neet said...

Glad you enjoyed the workshop Chris - thanks must go to Tim H who showed me how to do this back in January.

Chriss Rollins said...

hello Chris,
you have inspired me to have a go at it.
chriss x

Lavender Rose said...

This is beautiful Chris, just popped on to wish you good luck with the card workshop at Paddy's (not that you will need it!) it tomorrow????? I have ended up looking back at the other lovely things on your blog, Denise x

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