Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mixed Media course

I haven't posted about this wonderful course at Graphicus in Barnard Castle until today. The tutor was the very gifted Glenda Waterworth, and it was every Thursday in April. I really enjoyed it, and my fellow students were great! The travelling was tiring though it was through some of the most beautiful countryside - Rossendale, Ribble valley, North Yorks, Teesdale etc - gorgeous, particularly when the sun shines. I have some photos but they are on my phone and at present I can't get my phone pics to upload!
Anyway, here is a photo (camera) of a piece of work I did on the course - it's Mixed Media of course, it includes various techniques like data transfer, and various media like gels and metallic paints. the subject matter is about an artist who is actually my Dad. He can no longer paint due to illness, but he loved to paint birds among other things. I stuck some objects from his art box onto the piece, and a notebook sketch, a bit of a poem which mentions birds and a father talking to his children, a little metal owl, all things relevant. The black splodge below the kingfisher is a bright blue feather but it will not photograph!


Neet said...

Love this box - and I have been able to see it in the flesh so to speak. A wonderful idea to dedicate it to your dad.

Lavender Rose said...

What a beautiful work of art Chris, so many details and textures. I love birds and the kingfisher is stunning. Has your dad seen this, I am sure he would love it?

chris farnsworth said...

Thanks Denise, The kingfisher is a photo from my Dad's art box, transferred via gel media - please don't think I painted it! My Dad could have done in his painting days but no longer, sadly. I have shown it to Dad, but I'm not sure he knew what he was looking at. I like to think he liked it though it's the opposite of his style!

craftimamma said...

What a lovely piece of artwork from your course with Glenda.

A fitting tribute to your Dad's artistic days I'm sure.

Lesley Xx

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