Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More workshop samples

Here are a couple more samples of cards made for my up-coming workshop. Again, using mostly Elusive Images stamps for all of them, and my fave kit, the cuttlebug, for the green number. Also an attempt to rehabilitate the skeleton leaf, which I'm sure anyone who has been crafting for more than a year or two has in their stash. I still love them! Any size, any colour, bring them back I say! Must go, have some minutes of a local group meeting to type up and email out. More blogging soon!


Crafty Chris said...

Hi chris
I was given a challenge to day from Jans Journal and have to pass it on to 6 people so if you are interested here goes
You have to pic the 6th album on your computer and post the 6th pic and explain what it is about and then pass the challenge on to 6 people. from crafty chris
Good luck Love the cards lovely colours.

Lavender Rose said...

Thanks for your message re missing glove Chris, no idea how I missed it!!! Love the latest two samples as much as the first one and they are sure to go down well :)

Lavender Rose said...

Got your message thanks Chris! I will be back at Paddy's soon to pick up my glove as I want to find out who will be in the shop with me on 14th...still not sure if I will manage to do the Sue's canvas workshop and serve customers but we will see! Still not got my appointment letter. I went to the Trafford Centre yesterday to A)take my mind off it and B) buy some clothes for work but it didn't exactly do the trick as I spent most of the time glued to my mobile taking and making calls to my ex and future employers to try and sort out a problem with a missing reference. Sometimes I think old fashioned snail mail is better than you wish you hadn't asked now Chris!!!!

Sarah Liz said...

Hello Chris - well I came to your workshop yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Wish I could quite remember how to finish the StampBord one though ... Really looking forward to your next workshop at Paddy’s in March. S x

Sarah Liz said...

Whoops! Found the StampBord sample in an earlier post ... S x

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