Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm still here!!!

Well I don't seem to have had anything worth posting for ages, or have I just been too busy? Too busy I think 'cos I have done some workshops, been to some shows, done some (a lot) of crafting and been to work (a lot) !! Have been making Christmas cards for what seems like a decade (sound familiar?). I took part in a card swap on a forum, which was great fun, and lovely to see all the work done, on the forum album. Here are the cards I received (pink) which is so perfectly made and lovely! and the one I sent (blue). Strange we both picked un-christmassy colours. Was a bit scary because the other members are all avid crafters and expert card makers.

On another topic, several posts ago I mentioned that my friend Eddie had commissioned me to make some jewellery for various of her relatives as stocking fillers for Christmas. Well I finally got them finished and she seems to like them. I hope her relatives do as well. Here they are, three pendants and a bracelet. The pendants are all on stampbord bases, coloured, stamped, sanded, scratched, embellished and finished with beeswax or glossy accents. The bracelet links are stamped and coloured shrink plastic, joined together with spandex thread and finished with silver fixings. Here are pictures:

That's all for now folks, as I have exhausted my limited supply of energy! and my ability / such as it is, to spel and puntuate;

Next time, more about workshops, been to some superb ones at Paddy's.


veronica said...

Chris, your card was lovely, thanks very much - glad you have a good photo, cos i couldn't get a decent one, and the one on my blog is very blurred - hope the link to yours works

Lavender Rose said...

All 3 are beautiful and nothing like a pizza!!!!

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