Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stash Box workshop

The Stash Box workshop went ahead yesterday as planned with three attendees including Paddy, who did finish the project, apart from the varnishing! For all who know her, this is amazing, as she is usually distracted and interrupted all day long by the shop, phone and visitors, or starts off doing the workshop project then goes off at a tangent.
Anne and Sharon, (hope I've spelt you right girls) were the other two, they are sisters-in-law from Blackburn and very talented and very funny! The day flew by. My worries about not finishing the project in the day were unfounded, we finished in plenty of time for them to have a good browse and pick up a few crafting essentials! Here are some pics - my apologies to Anne for lousy photography, but my pics of your pretty box were too blurred to use - even my photo editing s/w couldn't make a good job. For everyone else, Anne's box was a lovely riot of spring colours, just right for this time of year. You can see it part-finished in the last photo.
All the stamps used and inks are available from Paddy's Stamping Place:

This is an extra sample I finished the night before - although it's not really finished, don't look at the back!!!!

These next two are Paddy's - gorgeous naturally, her colours are beautiful, my photograph hasn't really done them justice, they are more vibrant in real life AND she managed to incorporate her current fave product - velvet ricrac ribbon! She chose her box colours to go with the colours of ribbon that she had:

This is Sharon's box in progress - she chose a lovely warm colour scheme, using the new DI's, as Paddy had - there are some gorgeous colours as you can see. Sharon added a lot more detail to this before she had finished, and it looked really pretty - as we said, one can hide craft stash all over the house in boxes like this!

Finally here is everyone hard at work - I was obviously cracking the whip quite hard at this point!

Anne and Sharon:

If you want to come along and join in a workshop, ring Paddy on 0161 798 5115 or call in the shop and she will tell you what is coming up.


judith@poppy cottage said...

Well Chris, I wish I lived nearer, because these look fab! You all look like you had a great time, and produced some great pieces at the end of the day. Judith x

Jayne C said...

Love the boxes Chris....would love to have come but feeling pretty yukky at the moment. Unfortunately can't make Friday either :( day...
Jayne xx

Sarah Anderson said...

I can't do Friday either!!!!!!!!! :( It's my last business class. The boxes made yesterday are stunning, love Paddy's!!

Sarah Liz said...

This workshop looked such fun Chris, and I was amazed Paddy finished her project! She showed it to me last week and is really proud of it ... All the boxes on your blog look fab! S x

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