Sunday, July 19, 2009

Neet's Clay Mirror

Last week I was at a workshop at Paddy's Stamping Place run by Neet Hickson, a very clever and talented mixed media artist, who is very generous at sharing her knowledge and skills with us all. We had a great time, playing with Makins clay - Plasticene for grown-ups! We used a cheap mirror from that well known swedish shop as a base and made loads of little clay tiles to stick on it. You can also remove the mirror (or just not put it back, as it's easier to work with it with the mirror out of the way) and put in a picture. The clay tiles were imprinted with stamps then coloured over with pearlex or perfect pearls before being attached to the frame. No adhesive was needed, except a little water. I added the beaded fringe myself when I got home, to tie the piece in with other items in the room where it will be hung. I may add some more beads yet. Anyway I hope you like it. Pop over to Neet's blog for pictures of other's work (Hickydorums, link to your left). If you look back many many posts, you will see another mirror frame which I made at a workshop of Neet's, called a palooza, which was made in a very different way, both as beautiful and fun to do as each other.

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